2016 Small Business
Leadership Summit

Brought together more than 150 small business leaders for four days of unity, action and leadership. 

May 8-11, 2016 - Washington, DC

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Recent News and Developments

On May 11, SBA's Office of Advocacy released a new report examining crowdfunding campaigns and the potential for small businesses to receive further outside investment after a crowdfunding campaign.

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On May 8-11, Small Business Majority held its second annual Small Business Leadership Summit, which brought more than 150 small business owners to Washington, D.C. to ensure policymakers, industry experts, corporate leaders and the national media hear directly from our nation’s job creators on the most important issues facing small businesses today.

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On May 10, the U.S. Department of the Treasury released a new report on the opportunities and challenges in online marketplace lending.

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On May 4, Small Business Majority released a scientific opinion poll showing the vast majority of small business owners in Colorado oppose proposed legislation allowing lenders to increase the interest they can charge on a $3,000 consumer loan.

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On May 3, Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer provided closing remarks at the Treasury Department's State Small Business Credit Initiative Conference in D.C. where he discussed the importance of access to capital for small businesses. 

On April 14, Small Business Majority released a set of videos of small business owners speaking out about the business case for raising the minimum wage. 

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On April 11, John Arensmeyer, founder & CEO of Small Business Majority, moderated a panel at LendIt USA's 2016 conference titled "Impact Investing: Providing More than Financial Returns" about the growing realm of alternative lending. 

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On April 6, the Department of Labor finalized rules to ensure retirement savers get investment advice from financial advisers that are in their best interest, which will help small businesses and employees better save for retirement. 

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On April 6, Small Business Majority released an economic report, Economic Impacts of Obama Administration Natural National Monuments, demonstrating the strong link between the protection of public lands and economic growth for communities and small businesses surrounding national monuments. 

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On March 9, Small Business Majority launched its national access to capital webinar series, which helps small businesses navigate the funding landscape and connect with resources to obtain capital. 

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