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Workforce benefits

Small Business Majority Supports California's Child Care Tax Credit Bill

Small Business Majority writes in support of California Bill AB 2023, which would make the existing Child and Dependent Care Expenses Credit refundable, expanding benefits to California’s low- and moderate-income working families. The legislation would ensure that money is put back in the pockets of working families in our state who are struggling to afford the child care they need to participate in the workforce.

Small Business Majority Supports Colorado's Secure Choice Retirement Program

Small Business Majority Colorado Outreach Manager Hunter Railey testified in support of legislation that would create a Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program. Such a program would allow small business owners and employees to have access to a publicly-adminstered retirement savings program without encumbering the adminstrative and cost burdens of such programs. 

Owner of Columbus brewery explains why paid leave is good for Ohio small businesses

When you talk to business owners about what make their business successful, they often say their employees are their number one assets. That’s certainly true for the Columbus small business I co-own with my father, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. We want to keep our employees happy, and for us, part of how we do that is by offering paid family and medical leave via a short-term disability policy. But paid leave isn’t just about treating our employees well – it’s also boosted our bottom line by increasing employee retention and morale.

In California, healthy employees create healthy businesses

Many small businesses can’t afford an HR department, which means that benefits – like health insurance, paid leave and retirement – can be difficult and costly to administer. But employee turnover is expensive as well, costing an employer approximately 75 to 150 percent of an employee’s salary. Benefits can be key to reducing employee turnover, increasing employee productivity and ultimately boosting businesses’ bottom lines.

State Opinion Polls: Small Business Owners Provide Array of Benefits to Employees

Many small business owners think of their employees as family, and they believe in taking care of their employees in order to retain a happy and loyal workforce and to attract top talent. They also know it’s important for their employees to be able to balance their work and family responsibilities. New scientific polling shows the majority of small businesses in Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and New Mexico offer benefits like paid leave and provide family-friendly policies for their employees.

Sequoia Solutions: A family business

For Adam Rochon, supplying benefits and insurance is a family business. Rochon followed his mother, Belinda Roberts, into the insurance and benefits industry and today they have a collective 28 years of insurance experience. After the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, businesses began to require a more in-depth broker relationship and a knowledgeable source of information for coverage.