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Letter: Strengthen the marketplace

Concord Monitor

While I’m glad that Ambetter has decided to stay in New Hampshire, many other insurance companies across the country have announced their exit from the ACA exchanges. This is exactly why Congress and the administration need to work together now to implement policies that will strengthen the insurance marketplaces.

Before the passage of the ACA, my insurance premiums were increasing annually by double-digit amounts, and my employees had only one choice for their health care provider. Negotiating, renewing and securing health care for my employees was such a laborious task. But being...

Indicators and Coming Up for Aug. 14

Richmond Times-Dispatch

AUG. 31

Small Business Majority and Pfizer Healthy Workforce panel and discussion, 9 to 11 a.m., ChamberRVA, 919 E. Main St., Suite #1700. Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/healthy-workforce-panel-discussion-tickets-....

Letter: Need bipartisan health care

Roanoke Times

I agree with the July 16 letter, “NFIB commentary was lobbying,” as Nicole Riley’s commentary ("Obamacare crushes small business," June 28) could not be further from my health care experience as a small business owner. My employees and I have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, and I’m worried about how our coverage might change now that the future of the law remains uncertain.

I’ve offered insurance as a benefit for my eligible employees since 2006, and prior to the ACA it was difficult to determine if I was getting the best coverage for the best price. Contrary to...

Letter: Small business owner glad for ACA

The Columbus Dispatch

Re: August 5th letter, “GOP members vote their consciences” As one of Columbus’ small businesses owners, I’m glad that the latest efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have failed, despite Senator Portman’s support. Thanks to the ACA, my employees and I have been able to access flexible and affordable coverage options. And while I would like to offer healthcare as a benefit to my employees, I simply can’t afford to do so at this time. I was worried that had the repeal effort passed, some of my employees might have left to find another job with employer-sponsored coverage. However, this...

Small businesses need tax reform, not wholesale tax cuts

The Hill

While hosting small business owners at the White House recently, President Donald Trump didn’t say much about his tax policy plans. The few words he offered, however, suggest that small business owners like us are going to be disappointed when Republican tax proposals are formally unveiled this fall.

“[My administration is] pursuing bold tax cuts so our companies can thrive, compete and grow,” Trump said at the small business event.

How the ACA has benefited small businesses

The Daily Advertiser

The failure of the Senate to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is fantastic news for this small business owner. The ACA has been beneficial for me and my business, and I’m glad it’s here to stay.

It’s time now for Congress to come together on bipartisan reform to the health care legislation.

As both a small business owner and a mental health advocate, I know how crucial it is to uphold the ACA. My business provides care for those with mental disabilities, and we’ve been able to help more people in our community find the support and care they need because of the...

The Health Care Solutions Small Businesses Need

Morning Consult

Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act were like something out of a B horror movie: terrifying at times, very unrealistic and surprisingly difficult to kill. Fortunately for America’s small businesses, conservative lawmakers failed for now to gut the ACA. This development is wonderful news given that small firms like ours struggled with health care costs for years before the ACA led to better health coverage and more choices at lower prices. Now that the health care law is no longer under immediate threat of repeal, it’s time for a bipartisan plan that will strengthen our...

Employer-based health coverage likely to stay awhile

The Washington Post

Get your insurance through your employer? The ongoing political turmoil around “Obamacare” all but guarantees you’ll still be able to do that.

Ask Walt Rowen, whose business is etching glass but whose experience managing century-old, family-owned Susquehanna Glass makes him something of an expert on health care. He’s provided coverage to employees, then canceled it, steering them to the health insurance exchange. But with those premiums rising, Rowen this year is again covering his 70 or so workers under the umbrella of employer-sponsored health insurance.

Governors Plead With Trump To Pay Obamacare Subsidies

The Villages Suntimes

That means subsidies will have to rise for many people to meet those higher premiums. Although employer contributions vary, 72 percent is in line with what other businesses offer their employees, said John Arensmeyer, head of the Small Business Majority.

Small Businesses Need More Info on State-Run Retirement Plans

Bloomberg BNA

“These programs are all in the early stages, but as they get closer to launching, they will need to do a lot more to help small businesses know about the program,” David Chase, vice president for national outreach with the Small Business Majority in Sacramento, Calif., told Bloomberg BNA. Administrators of these programs “should do a full-court outreach, education, and marketing campaign all geared specifically for small business owners,” he said.

Health care law isn't perfect, but it has helped small businesses

The Frederick News-Post

This week’s vote by the Senate to proceed with debate on repealing the Affordable Care Act makes no sense to me, a small-business owner. Repealing the ACA would reverse improvements that cut costs and leveled the playing field for many small businesses.

While I agree the ACA isn’t perfect, it’s been crucial to helping small businesses access better and more affordable health coverage. Before the ACA, my health premiums were increasing up to 20 percent annually. The choices from insurance providers were limited, and I had just two insurers to choose from. After the ACA was passed, my...

Congress acting recklessly with health care efforts

Greeley Tribune

Congress is pushing forward with efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act even though proposed plans will cause 22-32 million people to lose insurance.

I'm concerned about how this legislation will impact me as a small business owner and as one of those who could lose insurance.

I am currently enrolled in the state marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado, and it has been vital for my business. Not only am I saving money, but my quality of care has greatly improved compared to my previous plan. The consistency and predictability of my health care has lifted a huge...

Small businesses support ACA: Letter to the editor

The Oregonian - OregonLive.com

Senate Republican's failure to advance their disastrous healthcare plan is great news for our small business. Now that efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act have stalled, it's time to focus on common sense solutions to strengthen the law and support business owners.

While we agree the ACA isn't perfect, it's been crucial to helping small business owners like us access better and more affordable health coverage. Under the ACA, rates in the small group market are finally starting to stabilize. The law has also helped would-be entrepreneurs, especially those...

Health Care Concerns - Sustainable Rx Pricing

Colorado Business Roundtable

Tim Gaudette from the Small Business Majority joins us for a discussion on Sustainable Prescription Pricing with the CSRxP.org. Caitlin Westerson, Policy Manager for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Sharon O’Hara, Executive Director, Chronic Care Collaborative; and Helen Royal CEO of the Summit Community Care Clinic will weigh in on drug transparency, real-life decisions and the patient perspective.

Health Law Repeal Could Force Some Gig Workers to Go Full Time

Bloomberg BNA

“The subsidies that have been available in the ACA marketplace have been very helpful to small business owners and the self-employed,” David Chase, vice president of National Outreach for Small Business Majority, told Bloomberg BNA July 24.

Self-employed workers are the most likely group to be uninsured, Chase said. And that should concern people because “the future of work is going the way of the gig economy.”

Self-employed people weigh returning to corporate jobs if Senate passes ACA repeal bill

Modern Healthcare

Steven DeMaio of New York City has been happily self-employed as a writer and editor since 2008. At that time, he felt comfortable leaving a corporate job with health benefits and going out on his own because the state where he then lived, Massachusetts, had established a system guaranteeing affordable individual-market coverage without regard to health status.

But DeMaio, 46, recently decided to look for a corporate job with health benefits because of uncertainty over the future of his health insurance posed by Republican efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. As of...

LETTERS: Obamacare a lifesaver for the self-employed

Chicago Sun-Times

While top Republican senators are making last-ditch efforts to revive their replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act, calls for a so-called clean repeal of the ACA are just as concerning. The Congressional Budget Office recently announced that repealing the ACA without a suitable replacement will leave 32 million uninsured — many of them entrepreneurs like myself. Like many freelancers, I was unable to find consistent and reliable health coverage before the ACA’s passage.

Since enrolling in the Get Covered Illinois marketplace, I’ve endured several serious health issues which...

Small Business Lobbyists Plot Their Next Moves On Obamacare


But mouths are closed on the other end of the ideological spectrum as well. The Main Street Alliance didn't answer my questions about how it was adjusting its strategy. The Small Business Majority pointed me toward its own ACA wish list, which not surprisingly runs opposite of the conservative groups' agendas: increasing consumer subsidies and continuing to expand Medicare, opposing association-run small-business health plans, and the like. I asked David Chase, the group's vice president, national outreach, how the current situation might require the group to refine either...

Small Businesses Split Over Republican Health Plans

The New York Times Online

But as overhaul legislation advanced through Congress, many small-business owners became more vocal about their opposition to the changes. Other industry groups, like the Main Street Alliance and the Small Business Majority, championed their cause.

Further attempts to repeal the ACA need to be dropped: Letter to the Editor


Roger Geiger's latest opinion piece, "For the sake of small business, U.S. Senate must push ahead on health care reform," is way off-base. As a small business owner, I know that repealing the Affordable Care Act will be terrible for us, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. In fact, polling from Small Business Majority found the majority of small businesses support the ACA.