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Mike Thompson, others, react to Trump’s latest budget plan

Vallejo Times-Herald
Healthcare, General Small Business, Deficit Reduction

Also alarmed by the President’s budget proposal, the Small Business Majority, a 12-year-old small business advocacy organization, reacted by saying the “cuts would create more barriers to small business success.”

John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority founder & CEO, said Trump’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 that calls for reductions to Medicaid, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Consumer Development Financial Institutions Fund, would hit small businesses hard.

“If enacted, (the) plan would slash Medicaid, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA...

ACA a boon for small businesses

Las Vegas Sun

As a small-business owner, I am disappointed by the House’s passage of the American Health Care Act.

The ACA has been crucial to helping small-business owners like me gain and keep access to more comprehensive and affordable health coverage. Under the ACA, rates in the small group market are finally starting to stabilize, and many small businesses have been able to receive tax credits for providing coverage. Additionally, the law has helped many would-be entrepreneurs, especially those with pre-existing conditions, break out and start their own businesses without the fear of being...

American Health Care Act or ACA: Which health law do small businesses prefer?

Becker's ASC Review

Most small businesses favor the ACA over Republicans' American Health Care Act, according to a Small Business Majority poll.

Here are five notes:

1. Forty-nine percent picked the ACA over the AHCA.

2. Twenty-five percent favor the AHCA and 5 percent like both equally.

3. Once respondents became more well-versed in the ACA's specific provisions, 58 percent supported the law.

4. Thirty-five percent of those polled said their business or their employees are enrolled in health markets the ACA created. Twenty-one percent are enrolled in Medicaid....

How Obamacare helped the self-employed in California

89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio

"Without the Affordable Care Act I would not have insurance today and I would not be in business for myself," said Kateri Gutierrez, who started Collective Avenue Coffee in Lynwood in October 2015.

The 24-year-old, who qualified for Medi-Cal under the Medicaid expansion, said she was uninsured when she became sick. The illness delayed her getting her business off the ground, she said.

"That got in the way of us moving forward, because I had to focus on paying the ambulance bills, the emergency bills,” said Gutierrez, who worries about a potential Obamacare...

Despite What You’ve Read, Many Small Businesses Support Obamacare

Morning Consult

Small business owners are not some sort of single-minded monolith, but they are often treated that way. Stories pop up frequently with bold, broad-stroked claims like “small business optimism is soaring,” “small businesses get hefty tax cut in Trump plan” and “the president changed, so has small business’ confidence.” Now, the latest round of stories on the Republican attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act give the impression that America’s small businesses will be glad to see the ACA go if and when Congress manages to repeal it. While most small business owners agree there...

Letter to the Editor: Secure Choice helps businesses

Fontana Herald News

Dear Editor:
Recently, Congress struck down a Department of Labor rule that makes it easier for states to establish retirement savings plans, like the Secure Choice Program being implemented here in California.

I’m concerned about the impact this will have on our program, as Secure Choice will help so many small businesses save for the future.
As a small business owner and as president of the Riverside Black Chamber of Commerce, I know how hard it can be to set up a retirement plan because of barriers like paperwork, liability and cost. So many small business owners want...

The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back The Small Business Health Insurance Program. Here’s What That Means In Kentucky

WFPL Louisville

And SHOP was all online. This prompted private insurers to compete with the government’s program, said David Chase with the advocacy group Small Business Majority.

“Before the ACA, small business enrolled all through paper or fax machines. In 2014, that’s how you enrolled your small business. So the SHOP exchange, the fact it existed and has online comparison, it forced the rest of the market to upgrade their technology and bring their small group technology into the 21st century,” Chase said. “The fact that it’s there changes the market and influences how other carriers sell their...

Treasurer Chiang And Senate Leader Kevin De León Announce Next Steps For California’s Secure Choice Retirement Program

Public Now

On Thursday, House Joint Resolution 66 will likely be enacted -- which reverses a key Department of Labor ruling that provides guidance to state sponsored IRA programs such as Secure Choice. Nonetheless, California's Secure Choice program will proceed without delay.
WHEN: 10:00 a.m. Thursday, May 18, 2017
WHERE: California State Capitol Office, Room 205
Sacramento, Calif. 95814
WHO: California State Treasurer John Chiang
Senate Leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles)
Service Employees International Union
Small Business Majority

More than 1,100 small businesses in Texas may have to change health insurance approach in 2018

Dallas News

"By removing the online enrollment functionality, the employee choice feature will become all but impossible for employers to utilize," John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, said in an online statement. The organization has about 55,000 small business members.
The changes could dwindle usage "to little or nothing," he said.

CMS pitches end to small businesses using Healthcare.gov

Healthcare Finance News Online

The group Small Business Majority urged the administration to drop this proposal and instead focus on improvements to the ACA.

"If the proposal is finalized, after Nov. 15 small businesses would only be able to window shop for SHOP coverage through Healthcare.gov, and would instead have to enroll by using a broker or buying directly from an insurance company," said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

"Forcing small employers to make this extra effort just to enroll in SHOP will make it likely that SHOP usage dwindles to little or...

Trump administration seeks to end Obamacare enrollment for small businesses on HealthCare.gov in 2018


The Small Business Majority, an advocacy group, said it was "very disappointed" in the proposal, calling it "just one more example of how the Trump administration would rather undo key parts of the Affordable Care Act that are good for small businesses, their employees, their families."

"Forcing small employers to make this extra effort just to enroll in SHOP will make it likely that SHOP usage dwindles to little or nothing," said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

"As disappointing as this proposal is, it does not...

Trump Wants To End Obama Era Small Business Health Insurance Program

Oregon Public Broadcasting

David Chase, of the national advocacy group Small Business Majority, said without the online system, providing insurance to employees through the exchange is too complicated.

“From an administrative perspective, it would be so cumbersome that a small business likely wouldn’t be able to use that feature going forward,” Chase said.

CMS floats changes to health insurance marketplaces for small businesses


At least one group, though, is not happy with the proposal. In an emailed statement, the Small Business Majority expressed its disappointment that under CMS' plan, "small businesses would only be able to window shop for SHOP coverage through Healthcare.gov" and would then have to take the extra step of working with a broker or buying insurance directly.

The group added, though, that the proposal isn't a surprise, as "the success of SHOP has not been a priority" in the past, leading it to fall short of expectations.

CMS Wants to Drop Online Enrollment in SHOP Exchanges

Medpage Today

Although the agency cast the proposed change as one that would improve the SHOP program, not everyone agreed with that idea. John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, a group of 55,000 small business owners, said in a statement that his group was "very disappointed" by the announcement. "Forcing small employers to make this extra effort just to enroll in SHOP will make it likely that SHOP usage dwindles to little or nothing."
"We know ... that small businesses support key features of SHOP, including employee choice and the small business...

State retirement plans worth effort, despite D.C. diss

Crain's Chicago Business

Recently, the Senate voted to overturn a Department of Labor rule that made it easier for states to establish retirement savings plans, like the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program in Illinois ("New state retirement plan hits D.C. buzz saw," May 4). Although this is disappointing, we're glad Illinois is committed to moving forward with Secure Choice.

State retirement savings programs can help level the playing field for small employers against larger firms. This helps small businesses compete for the best employees, and gives employers peace of mind that they...

Reader Feedback: Worried about the American Health Care Act

Denver Business Journal Online, The

As a small business owner here in Denver, the U.S. House of Representative’s decision to push forward with the American Health Care Act has me extremely worried. This bill will be especially harmful for entrepreneurs with pre-existing conditions like me.

The replacement plan would allow states to opt-out of the coverage requirements and protections currently offered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And it scales back protections for those with pre-existing conditions by setting up high-risk pools, which was tried in Colorado and ultimately failed.

After suffering from two...

States Want To Help Small Business Workers Save For Retirement, Washington Says No


According to the Pew survey, small- and midsize business overwhelmingly support auto-IRAs. And the Small Business Majority and AARP, which back these state plans, found that two-thirds of California business owners supported the program that state ultimately created last year. In recent years, five states — California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon— have enacted plans along these lines, and Massachusetts has created a similar plan for nonprofits. Many other states have considered similar plans.

House Passes Health Care Bill

American Booksellers Association

In response to the bill’s passage in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Small Business Majority is urging Congress to drop the bill. In a statement, John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of the Small Business Majority, said, “This is an irresponsible and costly move that will do little more than create instability in the insurance market and greatly reduce the ability of small business owners, their employees, and self-employed Americans to obtain health coverage. What’s more, we know small businesses strongly support the current health care law and oppose the replacement.”

Paid Leave Pays Off For Entrepreneurs

Family Medical Leave

When Heather Whaling delivered her son four years ago, early, he was in the neonatal unit for 13 days. She was thankful that she was the boss but realized that parents shouldn’t be worried about the wellbeing of their child, their job security and whether they will be paid. As the owner of Geben Communication, a PR firm based in Columbus, Ohio, she could do something about this.

A majority of the 28 million small business owners — 70% — believe a federal program should be established to provide paid family and medical leave, according to Small Business Majority. Small businesses...

Small businesses hurt by move

The Stockton Record

Earlier this week, Congress struck down a Department of Labor rule that made it easier for states to establish retirement savings plans, like the Secure Choice Program being implemented here in California. Overturning this rule will be especially harmful to small businesses and employees that were looking forward to using Secure Choice.

Posted May 8, 2017 at 10:11 AM
Updated May 8, 2017 at 10:11 AM

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