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What You’re Telling Us About A Possible Raise In Colorado’s Minimum Wage

Colorado Public Radio News
Minimum Wage

“Yes! Too many reasons why it is important to us (my wife and business partner). Briefly, we work side by side with our employees. We are their boss and their friends. We could not imagine paying them a wage that would not cover basic living expenses. We also feel it is good for our business. Less turnover, better service, less cost in training, fewer mistakes causing food waste and better morale. We also feel if Colorado low wage employees have more spending power it will help our local economies long term growth.”

-- Jeff R.

Colorado Springs business owners and workers divided over minimum wage hike

Fox 21
Minimum Wage

For the first time in 10 years, people in Colorado will have a chance to vote on the minimum wage.

Amendment 70 proposes to raise the current wage over the next four years, but it has many business owners divided.

This is only the second time residents in Colorado have voted on the minimum wage, dating back to 2006 when voters approved an increase equal to the consumer price index.

Amendment 70 proposes to increase the current $8.31 per hour wage to $9.30 per hour in 2017 and then increase it 90 cents each year until the wage reaches $12.00 in 2020.

If the...

California Won’t Extend Parental Leave Rights To Small Businesses

Kaiser Health News
Family Medical Leave, PSD/Benefits

Aiming to attract and keep top-notch talent, a growing number of companies are dangling family-friendly perks such as lengthy paid leave for new moms and dads, back-up child care and onsite infant vaccines. But the attention-grabbing headlines — such as “IBM plans to ship employees’ breast milk home” — obscure the reality that for many workers, basic benefits such as guaranteed parental leave, even unpaid, is unavailable.

In California, long a trailblazer on paid leave issues, work-life advocates suffered a setback recently when the governor vetoed a bill that would have required...

Growing the Economy for Women and Minorities

Center for American Progress

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and entrepreneurialism is an important pathway to the middle class for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, all too often, women and racial and ethnic minorities face structural barriers to starting businesses, leading to lower business ownership rates among these underserved demographics. Progressive policies that expand access to capital and give people the tools and knowledge they need to start a business can help overcome these barriers to create a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial economy.
U.S. Secretary of the...

Go Green: Basics for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Clean Energy

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce, City of San Bernardino Municipal Government, The Headquarters, and Small Business Majority invite you to join us for this interactive presentation.

Cost of health care continues to hit small businesses hard


Employers continue to search for a way to control health care costs in the state, repeatedly telling the New Jersey Business & Industry Association that it's their biggest concern.

About 85 percent of employers offer health benefits, with 83 percent saying they continue to do so to attract and retain workers, according to NJBIA’s Health Benefits Survey.

The lack of choices in health plans for small employers is something the health industry is aware of and focusing on.

Can Small Businesses Solve the Retirement Crisis?

Find Law

California is paving a new way for employers to help with the retirement crisis using the new California Secure Choice Retirement Plan. This is a state sponsored retirement account for the employees of small businesses that traditionally could not afford to provide employees with a retirement plan. The plan, which Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law, will allow millions of Californians to start saving toward their retirement. If others states follow California's lead, Fortune notes, this type of plan could help alleviate the retirement crisis in the US.

The California...

Why Small Businesses Likely Create More Jobs Than Previously Thought

General Small Business

Over the past three decades, companies that were less than one-year-old with one to four employees averaged creating more than one million jobs per year.

That’s a lot of jobs.

But the number would be much higher if the government included the economic impact of the self-employed, or “non-employer business,” the label used by the IRS to describe freelancers or other types of independent workers.

The decision to collect the data this way happened decades ago; long before the rise of contingent talent and the growing ability to hire contractors through online on-demand...

Landmark State Law Will Help Millions Retire With Confidence


Great news out of California: A new state law will help nearly 7.5 million workers retire with confidence. Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday morning, the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Act (Senate Bill 1234) will give millions of Californians a way to save for their future at work.

It has been a long road to get to this day, and the AARP California Office has been a key leader every step of the way!

California state Sen. Kevin de León first introduced legislation to improve retirement security for California workers as a freshman member of the Assembly in...


Greater Lansing Business Monthly
General Small Business, Non-discrimination

Most people would agree with the fact that politics have a strong influence and clear impact on how small businesses work. The idea that small businesses can have a huge impact on corporate politics and procedures, however, is a less-discussed topic.

Oftentimes, it’s easier to see that legislation from Capitol Hill has a significant impact on local businesses than vice versa.

A recent article in The New York Times by Eric Lipton and Brooke Williams discussed the idea of how think tanks affect corporate America’s influence. The article, published in August 2014, took a closer...

Point-counterpoint: Should Colorado voters approve Amendment 70, which would raise Colorado's minimum wage?

The Gazette Online
Minimum Wage

We have been paying our entry-level employees $12 and $13 per hour for seven years now, and our businesses have only grown and become more profitable. In fact, our labor costs have gone down. Why?

Now that we pay a living wage (with benefits), we attract the best employees. They stay with us much longer, and the longer they stay, the better they become at their jobs. It's been our experience that long-term employees can do the work of 11/2 high-turnover employees.

It's also a plus that we spend less money on training new employees. Training is the most expensive...

A Win For Millions Of Small-Business Workers

The Foxboro Reporter
Healthcare, Access to Capital

NAPSI)—Changes in the way small and midsized companies are regulated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could make a substantial difference to some 60 million workers and their families—and both they and their employers could benefit.

As of January 1, 2016, the rules for small-business groups have changed. Now defined as companies with one to 100 employees, the market that once consisted of independent grocers, auto repair garages, local restaurants, dry cleaners and beauty salons has grown to encompass larger small companies such as financial services firms, car dealerships and more...

Why some small businesses in #Colorado support raising the #minwage

FIELD at Aspen
Minimum Wage

Why some small businesses in #Colorado support raising the #minwage: http://dpo.st/2cCHUk2

Good Coverage Options for California Small Businesses Heading Into 2017


With the open enrollment period for health insurance rapidly approaching, many small business owners are probably starting to think about their plans for next year — and with lots of recent rumblings about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) success, some small business owners may be worried about their options. But for California’s small business owners, there’s actually plenty of good news about the ACA. As long as small business owners plan ahead, they shouldn’t encounter any big surprises heading into 2017.
Critics of the ACA have noted that coverage rates for plans purchased through...

A New One-Stop Shop for Financing Your Business

Access to Capital

When Jose Rodriguez opened OFBS NOW, a small insurance and brokerage agency in Pasadena, he knew that one day he might want to take out a loan to grow his business. After three years of success, he’s getting ready to take that next step — but he has some trepidation.
“I’ve seen a lot of my small business peers take out bad loans and become trapped in cycles of debt,” said Rodriguez. “Before taking out a loan, I wanted to make sure I had all the right information so I didn’t fall victim to predatory lending.”
Of course, any small business owner can tell you it’s hard to locate...

Letter: We must repeal discriminatory HB2

The Highpoint Enterprise

As recent coverage notes, the NCAA announced it would relocate seven
championship events from North Carolina in response to HB 2. This move shows the
lasting consequences of HB 2, which is hurting our state’s economy and our small

I own a small business in High Point, and I depend on steady patronage from the
local community. Understandably, though, HB 2 has forced many people to consider
leaving North Carolina and moving to a more inclusive environment. For me, that
means fewer customers and a weaker local economy.

This pattern...

ACA still offers help for small businesses

Tribune Chronicle


Recent coverage discusses Aetna’s announcement that it will no longer participate in the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchange in Ohio. But while this decision presents a challenge to the exchange market, it’s important to remember the unique advantages available for small business and entrepreneurs.

Prior to the implementation of the ACA, many aspiring entrepreneurs were stuck in their jobs and unable to start businesses because they needed their employer-sponsored health insurance. With the launch of the exchanges, people now have the ability to leave...

Good Coverage Options for Small Businesses Heading Into 2017

Concord Patch

With the open enrollment period for health insurance rapidly approaching, many small business owners are probably starting to think about their plans for next year – and with lots of recent rumblings about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) success, some small business owners may be worried about their options. But for California’s small business owners, there’s actually plenty of good news about the ACA. As long as small business owners plan ahead, they shouldn’t encounter any big surprises heading into 2017.

Critics of the ACA have noted that coverage rates for plans purchased...

CDFIs and Small Businesses: a Smart Match

Opportunity Finance Network

In the wake of the Great Recession, traditional banks tightened up their lending. From significant reduction or elimination of loans below a certain threshold—typically $250,000—to a refusal to lend to small businesses with revenue of less than $2 million. Some entrepreneurs may be able to turn to money from family or friends; others may be able to run successful online crowdfunding campaigns or utilize connections with wealthy venture capitalists. But for many small business owners, these tactics aren’t an option. Small, community-focused entrepreneurs may need more technical assistance...


Crain's Chicago Business
Access to Capital, Taxes

Your recent article “Small-biz centers closing because of state budget woes” (Sept. 6) notes that about a quarter of Illinois' small-business development centers around the state have closed recently because of the state's budget challenges.

Since the 1970s, Illinois small-business development centers have provided free consulting and low-cost training assistance for small businesses. The advice and resources that they provide—on issues like loans and business plans—is invaluable. These resources are particularly vital for women and minority small-business owners who face...