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| Sacramento Bee

SB 343 also has been backed by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, consumer groups such as Health Access California, business groups such as Small Business Majority, and other labor groups.

| Oakland News Now

Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente must follow more of the same financial disclosure laws as other healthcare providers and payers in California, after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 343 into law Sept. 5.

| Chicago Tribune

Most government officials don’t understand small business, and according to new research, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

| St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Four in 10 self-employed workers don’t have a retirement account, according to a survey from Small Business Majority. Opening an Individual 401(k), a Simple IRA or SEP IRA may be viable ways self-employed individuals can save for retirement.

| Patch Chicago

Policymakers at all levels use small business issues as a key talking point during political debates, but few actually take the time to listen to small business owners and better understand their challenges. How can legislators better connect with small business owners you might ask?

| Inside Business

David Chase, vice president of national outreach for the organization, said small business owners in Virginia want policymakers to listen to them, understand their concerns and act on them.

| Daily Reporter

Our government officials need to understand that when our nation’s job creators succeed, our country succeeds, which is why they must take the time to understand the needs and challenges of small businesses.

| ETax Prep Blog

A microenterprise home kitchen operation is a food facility run in a private home that can sell meals to the public. According to Andrew Strader, consumer protection project manager of Santa Cruz County Environmental Health, there are two options for the home kitchen.

| Kenosha News

Policymakers at all levels use the problems small businesses face as a key talking point during political debates.

| Richmond Times-Dispatch

After a bad loan cost me my small business and ruined my family’s finances, I felt so broken I did not want to live.