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HB 2 Compromise Focus of North Carolina Small Business Roundtable

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Monday, 10 April, 2017

Interactive roundtable discussion for small business owners; chance for entrepreneurs to discuss the impact of the new HB 2 replacement measure on North Carolina small businesses


Charlotte, N.C.—Advent Coworking, in conjunction with small business advocacy organization Small Business Majority, will host an interactive roundtable discussion on Wednesday, April 12 on the ways in which North Carolina’s new replacement measure for its anti-LGBT law, HB 2, could impact small businesses and how small business owners can benefit from more robust nondiscrimination policies.

Scientific opinion polling from Small Business Majority shows two-thirds of North Carolina entrepreneurs believe both federal and North Carolina laws should prohibit employment discrimination against gay and transgender people. What’s more, a separate national poll found eight in 10 entrepreneurs support a federal law to protect LGBT individuals against discrimination in public accommodations, such as restaurants, hotels and other businesses that are open to the public.

“We need small business owners to engage in candid conversations with policymakers and fellow small business owners about the harm HB 2 did and might still do to North Carolina’s economy,” said Kevin Giriunas, founder of Advent Coworking in Charlotte, N.C. “Promoting an open and safe environment for employees makes good business sense, and the HB 2 replacement measure could continue to drive away talented employees and loyal customers. We have to talk about how to promote a more open business environment in North Carolina.”

The free event will feature Small Business Majority’s Mid-Atlantic Director Erik Rettig, who will help facilitate discussions about the ongoing impact HB 2 and the new compromise measure could have on North Carolina’s small businesses, as well as the need for statewide nondiscrimination policies.

“North Carolina’s entrepreneurs strongly favor a state law prohibiting employment discrimination against gay and transgender people, which is why many are concerned the new so-called compromise measure doesn’t go far enough,” said Rettig. “Small business owners understand that an open business environment can help attract the best and brightest employees, regardless of whether an employee is gay or transgender, and help their bottom lines.”

This in-person event will take place on Wednesday, April 12, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Advent Coworking in Charlotte.


About Small Business Majority

Small Business Majority was founded and is run by small business owners to focus on solving the biggest problems facing small businesses today. Since 2005, we have actively engaged small business owners and policymakers in support of public policy solutions, and have delivered information and resources to entrepreneurs that promote small business growth and drive a strong economy. We regularly engage our network of 55,000 small business owners along with a formal strategic partnership program of more than 150 business organizations, enabling us to reach more than 500,000 entrepreneurs. Our extensive scientific polling, focus groups and economic research help us educate and inform policymakers, the media and other stakeholders about key issues impacting small businesses and freelancers, including access to capital, taxes, healthcare, retirement, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Learn more about us on our website and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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