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Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership

Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership (OSBRL) is a nonpartisan advocacy organization committed to the creation, promotion and preservation of small business that is beneficial to Oregon communities. OSBRL believes that small business is an active and influential advocate for successful economic, political and social working frameworks, and partners with responsible leadership, policy makers and key stakeholders to identify issues critical to small business.

Oregon Micro Enterprise Network

The Oregon Microenterprise Network (OMEN) is the State Association of micro business development organizations and practitioners. Founded in 1998, OMEN's mission is to represent and build the capacity and quality of service providers targeting micro businesses and other entrepreneurs. OMEN members include micro enterprise development organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development partners, financial institutions, state and local government agencies, universities, micro lenders, and small business development centers.

All aboard the Churros Locos-motive

A vacation that turned out to be more work than play sparked a crazy idea for Isabel Sanchez and her husband, Daniel Huerta, that led to Portland’s red-hot food truck, Churros Locos.

During a trip along the Oregon coast, Sanchez and her husband met a gelato business owner who was lamenting about the lack of smell exuding from his shop to attract customers. In a flash, inspiration struck.