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New LGBT report and ad: Impact of patchwork of nondiscrimination protections (VIDEO)

LGBT Weekly
LGBT Nondiscrimination

Half of LGBT people live in states lacking nondiscrimination protections for public accommodations despite broad public and business support for such protections. A 2017 PRRI poll found that 72% of Americans support laws that protect LGBT from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and a 2017 Small Business Majority poll found that 65% of business owners are opposed to businesses being permitted to deny service to LGBT people because of religious beliefs.

For small businesses, taxes just got more complicated

The Denver Post
Tax and Budget Reform

As the new tax plan takes effect, wading through how the changes affect me as a small business owner is causing major headaches.

Curbing immigration means curbing job creation

The Hill

A week in which President Donald Trump ended protections for immigrants from El Salvador and rejected a bipartisan framework to restore Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) culminated in the president displaying shocking ignorance about why immigrants from certain countries seek a new life in the United States.

The answer to your question, Mr. President, is simple: Many of them come to the United States to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, which is why we must restore DACA.

Student Debt, a Burden for Female Entrepreneurs

The Story Exchange
Financial Reform, General Small Business

About 48 percent of millennials say student debt hurt their ability to launch a new venture, a 2016 poll from Small Business Majority finds.

Get started: Association health plans

Fox Business
Healthcare, General Small Business

Small business advocates are split over the Trump administration's plan to allow what are called association health plans, or group insurance plans that would permit small companies to buy insurance in states where they're not located. Critics of the proposal, including some small business advocates as well as insurance industry groups, said that while it would benefit some companies, others could find their insurance costs rising sharply.

The proposal would "create parallel insurance markets for small businesses, leading to major spikes in premiums for small firms...

In Austin, Female entrepreneurs talk challenges

Austin Weekly News
Entrepreneurship, Women's Economic Empowerment, General Small Business

"Access to capital is one of the top issues that business owners find challenging," said Geri Aglipay, who handles Midwest outreach for Small Business Majority. "Increasingly, banks are not lending to small business owners."

Small Business Majority is a national education and advocacy organization founded in 2005 with 10 state offices across the country. Their efforts focus on issues facing small businesses, defined as having 100 employees or less.

Trump’s deregulation drive is epic in scale and scope. And yet ...

The Christian Science Monitor
Entrepreneurship, Tax and Budget Reform, Financial Reform, General Small Business, Regulations

Another area of concern is the push to loosen financial regulation passed after the financial crisis. Many experts on the left and right say the Dodd-Frank financial reforms could use some revision or streamlining. But businesses aren’t for simply jettisoning regulations, says John Arensmeyer, founder of Small Business Majority, a nationwide employer group advocating for policies to help small firms. “Small businesses recognize that you need rules of the road to run the economy.”

How the Small Business Majority Can Help Your Startup

General Small Business

Mary Overbey didn’t realize just how many resources and professionals were available to small business owners when she and her husband, Eric, decided to turn their side jobs into a full-time business. Now as the Missouri outreach manager for the national organization Small Business Majority (smallbusinessmajority.org, 417-872-9924), Overbey helps entrepreneurs who are just starting out get their companies up and running.

Paid family leave begins in New York

The Sun Community News
Family Medical Leave Insurance

New Yorkers gained a new safety net on Jan. 1. The state’s new paid family leave law is among the most generous in the nation, allowing job-protected time off to bond with a new child, care for sick family members or pitch in when a loved one in the military is deployed.

Erik Rettig, the northeast/mid-Atlantic director of the Small Business Majority, said the law will be beneficial to small businesses. “Many small employers want to offer paid leave benefits to their employees, but simply don’t have the resources to do so,” Rettig said in a statement. Small business owners support...

What ‘ornaments’?

The Sacramento Bee
Tax and Budget Reform

The only people getting an early Christmas present because of this tax plan are wealthy corporations, not small business owners like me. The tax plan was supposed to make the system easier but it will only make filing my taxes more confusing.

Tax bill won't boost small firms

The Enquirer
Tax and Budget Reform

As a CPA and small business owner, I know first-hand how bad the tax bill will be for small businesses. Despite promises to provide a boost to small businesses and the middle class, their proposals will instead benefit large corporations and the wealthy.

How does the GOP tax overhaul impact small businesses?

Tax and Budget Reform

The NSBA did not support the GOP tax plan at first, but after much internal discussion and analysis finally came around, according to spokesperson Molly Day.

That point is a sore one for John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, a network of 55,000 small business owners. "The major focus of the legislation is to slash corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 21 percent, even though only 5 percent of small businesses pay corporate taxes," according to a statement by Arensmeyer.

Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of Nation’s Most Comprehensive Paid Family Leave Policy

New York State – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Family Medical Leave Insurance

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of the nation's strongest, most progressive and most comprehensive Paid Family Leave policy. Starting January 1, 2018, New Yorkers will have job-protected paid time off to bond with a new child, care for a loved one with a serious health condition or help relieve family pressures when a loved one is called to active military service abroad.

Erik Rettig, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Director, Small Business Majority, said, "New York's paid family leave insurance program will provide a big benefit to small businesses. Many...

Just listen

Houston Chronicle
Tax and Budget Reform

As a small business owner, I'm extremely disappointed by the tax plans being discussed by the U.S. House and Senate this week. Despite promises to provide a boost to small businesses and the middle class, the proposals aren't actually focused on helping small businesses and certainly won't make the tax system more fair or streamlined.

Chicago Small Businesses Need Better Lending Options

Huffington Post
Access to Capital, Entrepreneurship

We are excited to launch SimpleGrowth— a new online lending tool that connects trusted Chicagoland lending partners to neighborhood businesses. SimpleGrowth’s lenders, which include Accion, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Small Business and the Women’s Business Development Center, are committed to fair lending practices and to growing small businesses across all of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods.

Why the GOP tax plan won't help small businesses

Tax and Budget Reform

The president of the National Federation of Independent Business says small businesses are feeling very optimistic right now, in large part because of the GOP's planned tax overhaul. However, John Arensmeyer — CEO of the Small Business Majority — stopped by to explain why not all of them are happy.

Letter: Most small businesses won't benefit from current tax bill

Tax and Budget Reform

Tax-reform plans won’t help most small businesses. As a small business owner, I’m extremely disappointed by the House and Senate’s plans to drastically alter the tax code. Despite promises to provide a boost to small businesses and the middle class, their proposals will instead benefit large corporations and the wealthy.

From dread to optimism: Employers' mixed reaction to mandatory paid leave

Crain’s New York Business
Family Medical Leave Insurance, Paid Sick Leave, General Small Business

Frank Kerbein's phone has been ringing off the hook. As director of the Center for Human Resources at the Business Council of New York State, he's been hearing from business owners concerned about a sweeping state law that starts Jan. 1. It mandates partially paid leave of up to 12 weeks for workers caring for a new child or helping out when a family member is sick or on active military duty—and protects their job and health benefits.

"It takes the burden off small employers so they can use the resources they would have paid employees [on leave] to hire someone else,...

Tax Bill won’t boost small firms

SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Tax and Budget Reform

As a CPA and small business owner, I know first – hand how bad the tax bill will be for small business. Despite promises to provide a boost to small business and the middle class, they proposals will instead benefit large corporations and the wealthy.

Government shutdown averted — for now. Here's why small business owners are keeping watch.

New York Business Journal
Government Accountability, Tax and Budget Reform, General Small Business

As Forbes reported, small business loan approval rates at big banks dropped by nearly 20 percent between September 2013 and October 2013, going from 17.3 percent to 14.3 percent. Loan approval rates at small banks fell from 50 percent to 44.3 percent. That put many small business owners in the position of having to pay for bills out of pocket, said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of advocacy organization Small Business Majority.

“Many businesses are extremely dependent on SBA loan programs,” Arensmeyer said. “A lot of it is timing. If you’re a business owner trying to open a new...