Small businesses aren’t simply the backbone of the American economy; they are its foundation. Indeed, entrepreneurship is essential to ensuring a truly inclusive economy that benefits all Americans.

Nonetheless, Washington, when it’s able to get anything done at all, persists in pursuing policies that favor large corporations over Main Street. And, too often small business is perceived as just another narrow interest group, not the key to our long-term economic success and security. Worse, small business’ good name is often hijacked to justify ideologically driven policies that have no benefit to, and in some cases actually harm, the real needs of America’s entrepreneurs.

Contrary to a long-held misconception, small businesses are not reflexively anti-government. But, they want government to understand their needs and respond in a constructive manner—and then act on it. Small businesses continue to be misunderstood and even ignored by policymakers on both sides of the aisle. Changing this counterproductive dynamic begins with smart policies aimed at ensuring small business success in all segments of our economy.

Small Business Majority has created an economic blueprint for lawmakers and government leaders that will strengthen our economy, create jobs and solidify its base: small businesses. Our Policy Agenda includes both short and long-term recommendations.

The Agenda rests on a two-pronged foundation: 

1) Ensuring an environment where small businesses will thrive based upon:

  • Demand for their goods and services
  • An equitable tax system that encourages entrepreneurial growth and domestic job creation
  • A level playing field
  • A system that encourages prosperity for all Americans

2) Providing the resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs to be successful, including:

  • Greater access to responsible credit and capital
  • Continued access to quality, affordable healthcare
  • Availability of clear information, opportunities and programs that enable entrepreneurs to compete and grow 
  • Access to a properly-supported skilled workforce

Detailed Policy Agenda