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Small Business Majority, in partnership with the City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office of Financial Empowerment, is celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month with a host of in-person presentations, workshops and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs in October.

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For many smaller businesses, a loan or raising money from family and friends is often the best option.

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Don’t lose sight of the fact that someday you will want to retire. According to Small Business Majority, four in 10 workers lack a retirement account.

| St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Even though the ACA is under attack in Washington, D.C., the stabilization of premiums shows the health care law is still working. But the damage already done is considerable, so states must do all they can to stabilize the marketplaces and protect small firms from rising premiums.

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Loans can make an entrepreneur’s dreams come true, but they can just as easily destroy those dreams.

Leila Bardales found that out the hard way.

| San Francisco Chronicle Online

Health insurance premiums for 5,700 small businesses in California — which employ roughly 47,000 workers — will go up 4.6 percent in 2019, Covered California announced Thursday.

| New Food Economy

Mark Herbert, California director for Small Business Majority, a small business education and advocacy organization, says, “This legislation creates a legal framework so budding entrepreneurs can come out of the shadows.

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Most recently, small business advocacy group Small Business Majority voiced its approval of the legislation, calling it “critical because it would dramatically increase the transparency of financial products marketed to small firms.”

| Forbes.com

Small Business Majority, which represents more than 58,000 small businesses, called Trump’s MEPs proposal “a first step to discussing what officials can do to help small firms struggling to offer retirement benefits to their employees,” though the group also called for more “Secure Choice” public

| Bloomberg Law

“We think the alternative lending space for small businesses has tremendous promise” to provide access to new forms of capital, Mark Herbert, SBM's California director, told Bloomberg Law.