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Virginia Assembly’s Vote to Expand Medicaid Will Benefit Small Businesses, Economy

The Virginia General Assembly boosted small businesses on May 30 when it voted to expand the state’s Medicaid program as part of a budget plan. Giving more people access to affordable healthcare will level the playing field for small firms, foster a workforce that is healthier and more productive and direct additional funds to the state’s economy.

Small Business Majority Supports California Bill AB 2502

Small Business Majority writes in support of California Bill AB 2502, which would require California establish the California Health Care Payments Database. This database would publicize information about healthcare usage, costs and outcomes that would further efforts to improve affordability and quality of existing healthcare options for all Californians, including many entrepreneurs and small business employees.

Small Business Majority Supports California Bill AB 2472

Small Business Majority writes in support of California Bill AB 2472, which would require Covered California to conduct a feasibility study on whether a public health insurance option is viable in California. Such a plan has the potential to increase competition and choice in healthcare options for Californians. A public option could also make small businesses more competitive when they are seeking to hire talent.

California farmers cultivate employee satisfaction by offering healthcare

How did Stepheni Norton, a military veteran, go from active duty, to farmer, to successful entrepreneur over the course of just six years? 

In February 2012, Stepheni and her husband Mike, who is also a military veteran, purchased the Wallace D. Dickinson homestead in National City, Calif. When they bought the property, Stepheni was preparing for a 10-month deployment, and after a seemingly harmless tick bite, she was unknowingly experiencing the early symptoms of Lyme disease. After being left untreated for two and a half years, Stepheni was finally diagnosed in 2014. 

Small Business Majority Urges the California Legislature to Include Healthcare in State Budget

Small Business Majority writes to urge the California Legislature to include funding for healthcare solutions in that will expand access to affordable coverage in the 2018-2019 State Budget. Some of the requests include: extending Medical access to all income-eligible undocumented adults and to consider enacting a California alternative to the ACA's individual mandate to maintain the robustness of the marketplaces.

Small Business Majority Supports California Bill AB 2499

Small Business Majority writes in support of California Bill AB 2499, which would ensure premium dollars are spent on actual healthcare expenses rather than administrative costs. This bill will codify existing ACA medical loss ratios of 80/20 for the individual market and 85/15 for the large group market into California law to reinforce the state’s commitment to affordability.

Small Business Majority Supports California Bill AB 2965

Small Business Majority writes to both the California State Assembly as well as California State Senate in support of AB 2965/S 974, which would expand MediCal coverage to undocumented immigrants. Extending this coverage would drastically decrease the number of remaining uninsured in the state, as roughly 1.8 million undocumented Californians are without healthcare coverage (more than half of the total uninsured).