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House Education & Workforce Subcommittee Issues Testimony From Small Business Majority


The House Education and the Workforce subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions issued the following testimony by John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, at a hearing entitled "Expanding Affordable Health Care Options: Examining the Department of Labor'sProposed Rule on Association Health Plans."

Survey: Birth Control, Reproductive Rights Key to Black Women Entrepreneurs’ Success

Black Enterprise

A new poll by the advocacy group Small Business Majority revealed that 65% of African American and 64% of Latina small business owners say access to birth control, and the freedom to decide if and when to have children, has impacted their bottom lines as a business owner.

Some 507 female entrepreneurs were surveyed. The poll offers more perspective on the importance of birth control for women entrepreneurs of color than one done in November 2017. The latest poll found most African American and Latina women say access to contraceptives helped them advance their education, whereas...

Committee Democrats Oppose DOL’s Harmful Rule on Association Health Plans

Education & the Workforce Committee Democrats

Today, the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) held a hearing entitled, “Expanding Affordable Health Care Options: Examining the Department of Labor’s Proposed Rule on Association Health Plans.” On January 5, 2018, the Department of Labor (DOL) published a proposed rule on association health plans, which puts comprehensive and affordable health care coverage for small businesses and their employees at risk.

“AHPs are not a new idea. In fact, states have already experimented with these plans with disastrous results. Claims that AHPs will be a boon to small...

House Holds Hearing on DOL Proposal to Expand Association Health Plans

American Hospital Association

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce today held a subcommittee hearing on a Department of Labor proposed rule that would allow small employers and sole proprietors to form association health plans based on geography or industry. Witness John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority, said the rule would lead the risk pool in the remaining individual market to become “unbalanced,” causing “rates to soar for everybody else,” and offer fewer consumer protections.

How Important Is Access To Birth Control To The Success Of Black Female Entrepreneurs?

Madame Noire

According to a recent poll by advocacy group Small Business Majority, 56 percent of the 507 female entrepreneurs they surveyed confirmed that access to birth control and the opportunity to make the decision when to have children, if at all, permitted them to focus on their careers and businesses.

“The poll, which included oversamples of African-American and Latina small business owners, found reproductive healthcare is especially important to women entrepreneurs,” reported Black Enterprise.

This Week: Subcommittee Hearing On Expanding Affordable Health Care Options


On Tuesday, March 20 at 10:00 a.m., the subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions will hold a hearing on 'Expanding Affordable Health Care Options: Examining the Department of Labor's Proposed Rule on Association Health Plans.' Witnesses: Mr. John Arensmeyer, Founder and CEO of Small Business Majority

CalSavers gives Californians a chance at a more secure retirement

Orange County Register

CalSavers is flexible, customizable automatic payroll contribution program. Employees may set their own contribution levels and access a range of investments. They may also opt out of the program at any time.

CalSavers is supported by AARP, Small Business Majority, UnidosUS, many ethnic chambers of commerce, labor and other groups.

How good is the tax cut for small business? Depends on who you ask

USA Today

Six months ago, President Trump vowed that his sweeping tax reform would “bring back Main Street” by slashing taxes on small businesses. Now that the plan is law, small firms’ enthusiasm for the changes depends on which side of Main Street they find themselves. The vast majority of larger small businesses with income upwards of $200,000 will tangibly benefit from the legislation, and many are already sharing their windfall with employees and ramping up capital investment. And while most smaller enterprises will come out ahead as well, their gains are marginal in many cases and advocacy...

Wyden Tax Scam Report Reveals Small Business Owners Are Facing More Uncertainty, Complexity Due To Trump Tax Law

United States Senate Committee on Finance

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued a tax scam report outlining concerns from small business owners who say Trump’s tax law has created an increase in financial uncertainty.

"This $1.5 trillion hole in the deficit will provide minimal benefit to Main Street small businesses, as the vast majority of the tax law’s rewards will go to large corporations and the shareholders of a handful of wealthy pass-through entities," Small Business Majority Founder & CEO John Arensmeyer said. "Republican lawmakers blew a once-in-a-generation...

Congress must stabilize the ACA to stabilize small businesses

The Hill

It is undeniable that assaults on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will soon lead to massive spikes in health-care premiums, an outcome that will devastate America’s small businesses.

A recent analysis by California’s ACA marketplace, Covered California, estimates premiums would increase anywhere from 35 to 94 percent over the next three years mainly because Congress chose to eliminate the ACA’s individual mandate. When these forecasts come true, it will be particularly harmful for small firms and self-employed business owners. After all, more than 3.7 million small-business employees...

GOP senators' healthcare stabilization proposal would significantly cut premiums

S&P Global Market Intelligence

An exit poll from Public Policy Polling, however, found that healthcare weighed heavily in Democratic candidate Conor Lamb's win over Republican Rick Saccone in the special election for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district, with 53% of voters disapproving of the Republicans' efforts to repeal the ACA, versus 39%. The district is considered heavily Republican.

In a separate op-ed published March 14 in The Hill, John Arensmeyer, CEO of the advocacy organization Small Business Majority, said that if nothing is done to stabilize the individual markets, the "...

A Path to Ending Poverty by Way of Ending Unemployment: A Federal Job Guarantee

Project MUSE

Some employment effects could be overcome by growing evidence indicating that a rise in the minimum wage can reduce job turnover (Dube, Kaplan, and Zipperer 2014) and increase per capita output to the extent that higher wages spur greater productivity (Reich et al. 2016). Reductions in turnover and increases in productivity explain why many small businesses have chosen to invest in higher compensation packages for employees with great success (Ton 2012) and generally support (60 percent) a $12 minimum wage pegged to inflation (Small Business Majority 2015).

California on verge of creating retirement plan for private-sector workers

San Francisco Chronicle

For Mark Herbert, California director of the Small Business Majority, that’s not a concern. Polling by his organization and AARP found that two-thirds of small business owners in California support a state retirement-savings program. For small companies, the main barriers to offering a retirement plan are cost, administrative complexity and fiduciary liability under the federal law. “CalSavers solves for all three,” he said.

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Pitfalls of Gig Work

TSHEETS by Quickbooks

When you work for yourself, you know well and good no one is putting away retirement money for you. No 401(k) matching, no HSA savings — nothing. Therefore, it’s paramount you meet with a financial advisor and make a plan for retirement.

According to a Small Business Majority poll, 40 percent of freelancers are not saving enough for retirement. Sixty-nine percent say they don’t make enough to put money in a retirement plan, based on the fact their income varies so widely from month to month.

Small Businesses in America: Costly Credit and Growth Challenges

Wall Street Journal

For small businesses across the country, getting capital to operate or expand can be costly as traditional banks are often reluctant to extend small loans or work with risky new ventures. Enter online lenders, which typically approve loans quickly but also carry high annual percentage rates with tough payback terms. The video also features the Responsible Business Lending Coalition’s Small Business Borrowers' Bill of Rights, a set of lending practices that promotes transparency and fairness in small business lending.

4 Ways Inequality Hurts Financially


If Amazon chooses an LGBTQ-friendly state, “It will cement Amazon as a leader in LGBT equality and send a strong signal that fully protecting all employees is essential to the bottom line and that states without protections better get on board. More importantly, Amazon employees will be able to work at HQ2 and raise their families in the local community with a sense of security and the knowledge that their employer has their back,” says Chris Fleming, the “No Gay? No Way” campaign spokesperson.

Likewise, Amazon wants the best talent. With more than 20% of Millennials identifying as...

Time to Stop Tax Breaks for Outsourcing

United Steelworkers

It makes little sense for the U.S. government to provide tax breaks to companies that outsource America's jobs, and yet the recently passed Republican tax law makes the problem worse, it doesn't solve it. That's why Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) are introducing the "No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act."

The legislation already has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, AFGE, AFSCME, the Alliance for Retired Americans, Communications Workers of America (CWA), International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE),...

Female Entrepreneurs Of Color Say Access To Birth Control Was “Critical” To Their Success, According To A New Survey


Ever wanted to run a small business? Whether it's a blog or a boutique hedge fund, something unexpected may contribute to your success: birth control. At least, that's according to a new survey of 507 female small business owners across the U.S. Female entrepreneurs of color, in particular, were more likely to say access to birth control was "critical" to their success as a small business owner.

And this new survey, from the national business advocacy organization Small Business Majority, shows that, for female entrepreneurs of color, being able to exert...

Group presses the Labor Department on its association health plan proposal.


Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute is leading an open records request asking the DOL to release statistics and information about its enforcement of association health plans, as well as past policy and regulation regarding the plans. Mila Kofman, head of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, Russell Suzuki, Hawaii’s acting attorney general and John Arensmeyer, CEO of Small Business Majority are among the signatories to a letter detailing the request. The group is deeply skeptical of the plans, which have a history of fraud.

Birth control access is a staple of female entrepreneurship

The Mary Sue

Birth control access is a staple of female entrepreneurship. As anyone with a functioning brain knows by now, birth control has always been about more than sex, and is also about women’s ability to make the best and safest decisions about their educational and professional advancement. In addition to its health benefits, by safely preventing unplanned pregnancy, women are able to focus on school or pursue opportunities in the workforce that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

On Thursday, Small Business Majority released a survey that found contraceptive access allowed the majority...