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As the founder of Herosmyth, a digital marketing agency for small businesses, I’m very familiar with the struggles small businesses face when trying to keep talented employees in this competitive environment without a comprehensive benefits package.

| New York Times

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that about two-thirds of voters supported the idea of allowing people to buy into Medicare.

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The caucus is supported by the Center for American Entrepreneurship (CAE), Economic Innovation Group (EIG), the U.S.

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With Congress reconvening this month, it’s time for our government officials to get serious about tackling small business issues. Small business owners like me are often used as a talking point for officials, but the reality is most are out of touch with our needs.

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Today, 520 state and national community-based groups called on the three federal bank regulatory agencies that implement the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to not include a one-ratio metric in the upcoming proposed CRA rule change.

| Congressman Matt Cartwright

This bill is supported by a number of national organizations, including: R Street, American Sustainable Business Council, National Taxpayers Union, Niskanen Center, Coalition to Reduce Spending, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Reinsurance Association of America, National Wildlife Federation, CERES

| The Hill

It’s easy to see why, in 2017, a bipartisan Congressional majority rejected proposals to “repeal and replace” the ACA. But the administration is now asking the courts for something even more extreme: repealing the law without any replacement whatsoever.

| The Cap Times

My government officials don’t seem to truly understand the issues that could make or break my business, and according to recent polling, 95% of Wisconsin small business owners agree. If officials would listen, I would tell them many of us need help training a skilled workforce.

| Sing Tao Daily

The SB343 Act is also supported by consumer organizations such as the California Civil Service Retirement System, Health Access California, and other business organizations such as Small Business Majority and other labor groups.

| Richmond Times-Dispatch

If policymakers would take the time to listen to small-business owners like me, they would learn that health care costs are a major problem. They’re usually too much for small businesses to afford, and that hurts our ability to attract and retain employees.