New York State Paid Family Leave Program: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Starting in 2018, New York will establish a paid family leave insurance program that will enable workers to take up to 12 weeks of paid time away from work in order to care for a loved one or bond with a new child. The New York State Paid Family Leave Program will be entirely funded by modest employee contributions, and employees who take leave will be guaranteed job protection.

This document is intended to answer any questions small employers in New York might have about the program and its effects on small business owners and their employees.

Making a Case for Immigration Reform

Tsui Yee pours her family’s hard work and sacrifice into running a successful small business and a passionate stance on immigration.

As a founding partner of an immigration law firm, Guerrero Yee LLP, in New York City, it goes without saying that Yee avidly supports comprehensive immigration reform. But it’s her personal upbringing that really shapes her views.

Sea to Table: A Sustainable Small Business That’s Anything But Fishy

If there’s one thing you want so fresh it’s practically able to jump off your plate, it’s fish. Luckily, Sea to Table has made a business out of providing just that. Without the jumping fish, of course.

Owned and operated by Michael Dimin and his family, Sea to Table partners with fisherman from sustainable, small-scale fisheries and delivers the freshest of catches straight from the docks overnight.