Colorado Small Business Owner Highlight

Sweet Action Ice Cream is a socially conscious Denver ice cream shop that serves unique sweet treats and has an even sweeter mission of giving a helping hand to the community.

Originally from New York City, Sweet Action Ice Cream owners Chia and Sam Basinger are no strangers to the foodservice industry. Both have backgrounds working in restaurants, and when they decided to make their move to Denver in 2007, those experiences helped them to build what is now today a very successful ice cream shop.

Colorado Events

Tue, 1 May 2018 | 4:00pm - 7:00pm

This year National Small Business Week, a national event recognizing entrepreneurs in our country, will be celebrated April 29 – May 5, 2018. As a hub for entrepreneurship, The Commons on Champa will honor our city's vibrant ecosystem by showcasing the incredible breadth of re

Expo/Fair | Denver, CO

Colorado Policy

Thursday, 5 April, 2018 | PDF icon Read the testimony

Kelli Riley, owner of Riley Law, LLC, submitted written testimony in support of legislation pending in Colorado that would create a Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program. Ms. Riley's testimony discussed how difficult it is for small businesses to compete with the benefits packages of larger employers, and how a Secure Choice program in Colorado could help her company compete for top talent. 

Thursday, 5 April, 2018 | PDF icon Read the testimony

Small Business Majority Colorado Outreach Manager Hunter Railey testified in support of legislation that would create a Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program. Such a program would allow small business owners and employees to have access to a publicly-adminstered retirement savings program without encumbering the adminstrative and cost burdens of such programs. 

Tuesday, 6 February, 2018 | PDF icon Read the full testimony

Colorado Outreach Manager Emily Dewey testified in support of legislation that would create a paid family medical leave program in Colorado. The hearing was called by the Colorado House Committee on Business and Labor. Emily's testimony explained how the proposed bill, the FAMLI Act, will benefit small businesses by lowering turnover, boosting productivty and enhancing employee morale.

Thursday, 8 March, 2018 | PDF icon Read the testimony

Howard Paul, owner of Howard Paul Photography in Denver, submitted written comments on Colorado's HB18-1260, a bill to create greater transparency in the pricing of drugs. Mr. Paul offered testimony on how the bill would impact the price of health insurance for small business owners.

Colorado Research

Thu, 15 Dec 2016
LGBT flag

On December 15, Small Business Majority released a new scientific opinion poll that found a majority of Colorado small businesses believe business owners should not be allowed to deny services to LGBT individuals based on the owner’s religious beliefs, including for wedding-related services.

Wed, 4 May 2016

Colorado small business owners soundly reject efforts to increase the interest rates lenders can charge on certain consumer loans, and the results of a new Small Business Majority poll of state small business owners strongly suggest state legislators who support such increases would pay the price at the election booth. According to the scientific poll, an overwhelming 90% oppose allowing lenders to increase the interest they can charge on a $3,000 consumer loan from 28% a year to 30% a year and allow increases based on inflation for each subsequent year.

Wed, 1 Aug 2012

Small businesses account for a significant share of Colorado’s economy. For every one large business in Colorado, there are 179 small businesses diligently working to reenergize the state’s economy: Small firms make up 99% of the state’s employers. These entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to hire, grow and move their businesses and the state’s economy forward. As part of these efforts, recent scientific opinion polling shows that Colorado’s entrepreneurs want pragmatic, innovative policies that help guide them into a competitive, modern clean energy economy.